Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And Then We Wonder,How Machines Can Steal Each Others Dreams...

Finally found a link that works to grab this bad boy collection.
Man Oh Man!
What a fantastic band Queensryche were.
They raised the bar for Metal music over three or four albums.
Better not mention they were Metal, Geoff Tate might come round and punch me in the face!!
Love their early stuff it just had quality written all over it.
Anyway pretty low VBR on this as well.
Still worth listening to.
It's always interesting to hear songs you know well before they're finished.

Monday, April 14, 2014

When The Dust Settles

Kiss in the Hall Of Fame...at last.
After all the bitching leading up to it ,it all went off pretty drama free.
They all got to say their piece and strangely enough I thought Gene was pretty choked up during his speech.
Showing his emotional side for once.
We all love the originals and they recorded the best albums and laid the foundations for spectacular Rock concerts.
But Ace and Peter have been in the band twice and have left twice.
I think Gene and Paul love the drama free version of the current Kiss lineup.
And this has been well documented in various books etc Ace and Peter just can't keep up with Gene and Paul's work ethic.
Back to the Hall Of Fame it WAS pretty cool seeing the four of them up there together again but that might well be the last time that happens.

So we go back in time to the Hotter Than Hell Tour and another show from the archives...Magic!!
It also comes with covers that go way back.


Makes Me Wanna Get Up And Shout...

Pretty good recording from these guys.
Touring the Black Tiger album.
Where they really hit their stride as a quality hard rock band.
It's from Newcastle,England back in '82.
This is from the archives looks like an old Rocket post.
Yeah I'm still holding out for his return.
Like a pheonix from the ashes!!


How Could I Dance With Another?

Here's some more of those alternate versions from The Beatles.
Fascinating stuff to listen to them at work.
It wasn't just a case of going into the studio and banging out a few songs.
It takes a lot of work to refine the songs and get to the best version.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Wind Blows Back

Here's one sent in via the Cbox by scooby. Since it was UFO, I had to grab it because I'd never heard of this band (yeah right!). Pretty good audience recording that features a couple of nuggets from the band's past - Makin' Moves and Ain't No Baby. Good to hear a couple of older tunes thrown in with the standard stuff (you know what they are).


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Business Is Good

Straight ahead Hard Rockin' from The Four Horsemen.
If you like your Rock in the style of early AC/DC (to name the most obvious) these guys will hit the mark.


Can't Live...

Tagged as demos but really the first version of the album Straight Up.
A band that were royally ripped off and this was in the days before downloading!!
They should've been one of the most successful of bands.
If all they had written was Without You that's a song that should also have set them up for life.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Tiger On The Loose

Recorded live in smoker's home town of Edinburgh, Scotland. Wonder if he made it to this show? Nice audience recording of the band on the Facemelter tour, with Brad Lang taking over bass duties for the late great Phil Kennemore (RIP). One thing I don't like about this recording is that they didn't play Don't Stop Running, but that's the only flaw with this show (minor at that).

Part 1   http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/10648779/file.html

Part 2   http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/31624012/file.html

Standin' On A Corner

Early Eagles set from '72, pre - Joe Walsh and back before the suits & ties that they wear these days. Not sure if this one is a really good audience recording or a dry soundboard.


All The Kings Horses

Early set from the Texas Tornado himself. Really good FM radio broadcast from the pre - Double Trouble era of SRV's career. One fine axe slinger who was taken from way too early.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sign Post Up Ahead

Recorded live on the 1980 Panarama tour, probably from various dates. Excellent sounding show with short band interviews in between some of the songs. I always thought the first two Cars discs were fantastic (I still play 'em), but after that the tank started going dry for the band.


Standing In the Rain...

Here's a band sent in by UFOSteve that doesn't start with the letters UFO!
Cheers man!

Very good cd free with the Mail On Sunday in 2008.
10 tracks and 4 more tracks if you went on the web site at the time. Unfortunately you can't get them now.
Think this was to promote the then new singer Kelly Hansen.
Don't think this has been on HRC before.

(Nope,I don't think it has)


Hollow Laughter In Marble Halls...

Very nice recording from the David Gilmour led Pink Floyd.
Back in '87 on the Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour.
Playing quite a few tunes from that album.
But cd 2 is mostly stacked with the classics.



Monday, April 7, 2014

Well,How Could You Have Waited So Long...

After much talk and shots fired across the bows of the people who run the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame we're nearly there.
What a soap opera it's been.
The elitist crowd that run it (whose opinions are so much more valid than yours and mine) couldn't ignore them any longer.
Kiss will be in on April 10th.
What's gonna happen?
What will they say?
There's been a lot of bad mouthing going on for a while now.
Guess it will all get played out pretty shortly.
I guess if the criteria is longevity and influence then they should be in no doubt.
There are a lot of bands who should already be in there without a doubt.
Deep Purple for one.
I guess if they took out the bands and artists that aren't Rock 'n' Roll there'd be more room for...uh...Rock 'n' Roll bands?
Anyway enough of that back to simpler times.
Kiss at Cobo Hall '76 on the Alive! Tour.
The album that was pivitol to their success.
A nice raw show,they're really goin' for it.
The two tracks at the end are from Cleveland.


There's Four Of 'Em

Something to keep those Quo fanatics over there =========>>
in the c/box quiet for 5 minutes.
Excellent show from the original Frantic Four.
Taking their brand of boogie to the Germans in Berlin.
Thanks to the taper,cover maker,candlestick maker etc etc.
Telecaster Rock 'n' Roll!!