Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You Think You're So Cool...

One of the best bands to come out of the 80's they certainly shook up that Hair Metal scene.
They also managed to survive the grunge era.
Appetite was barely off my turntable back then.
Loved the aggression and the energy plus it wasn't lacking a good tune or two.
Here's another good audience recording to remind us how good they were back then.


My Name Is...

Someone we've not had up before and somebody I've been into for quite some time.
Kid Rock.
With his mix of Rap,Southern Rock,Country and Metal well,there's something for everyone.
Although his last two or three albums have been more straight ahead Rock albums.
There's not denying the boy can write a tune.
He doesn't seem to have much of a profile over here so seeing him live is a long shot.
Here's a pretty good audience recording from back in '09.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Let Me Entertain You

Just been looking through a lot of my stuff as I need to get organized.
Came across these two vinyl rips that used to be up a while ago and time to put them out there again.
Up first from Germany '79 Queen during the Jazz Tour and a pretty fine audience recording.


Next Tom & his Heartbreakers.
Great in the studio performance from 1978.
Excellent sound and performance from one of the classic American bands.
The covers here are from the LP.
The download has covers I made with different info.
Maybe I just didn't believe what was on the cover.
I can't remember!!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

So Damn Addicted To Rock 'n' Roll...

Just cos these guys were mentioned in the c/box lately here's one from the archives.
And as was mentioned they played here recently.I would've liked to have seen them but it was here and gone before I realised.
Quality blues based Rock 'n' Roll this comes from a Rockpalast show over in Germany so the quality is...Hell Yeah!!
This is an old Rocket upload.
I've mentioned him a couple of times lately.
I'm using the peanut butter to a mouse technique.
I'm trying to draw him out I still think he'll show at some time.
Anyway,Happy Rockin'.  


Saturday, April 19, 2014

History Lesson

Led Zep sent in by our good mate ronh1.
Cheers man!
Maybe I should've kept this one until the 24th it would've tied in nicely.
But no,here it is.

Thanks again to everyone who sends stuff in.
It 's less for me to do!! (evil cackle).

Here is a TDIH - (This Day In History) 04-24-1969 a Led Zeppelin show that will blow you away from 04/24 Fillmore West, San Francisco, California . Killing Floor which later became the Lemon Song is killer, This is A++ and a must have for all Led Zeppelin fans.

OOH I thought we had a load of comments saying how much they like the site.
But no,I forgot to add the ya go.


Walking On Gucci,Wearin' Yves Saint Laurent...

A band I love to hate.
I love all their albums up to Pump and hate a lot of stuff after that.

Here's an excellent recording from Tokyo 2011 a quadruple set over two shows.
The setlist is killer apart from one or two songs I'm not complaining.
A good showing from my favourite album Rocks this is more like the Rockin' Aerosmith I love.

After each song there is someone speaking telling Tyler the next song,whether a mic is good etc.
So I assume the recording comes from Tyler's in ear monitor?
I don't know enough about it to be sure it just adds a little interesting twist to the recording.

cd1 zippyshare
cd2 zippyshare
cd3 zippyshare
cd4 zippyshare


cd1 Filefactory
cd2 Filefactory
cd3 Filefactory
cd4 Filefactory

Gonna Get Ya...

Here's Maiden from 1981 starting on their quest for world domination through that cycle of album tour,album tour.
Fronted by Paul Di'anno the first two albums were pretty special.
A lot of light and shade and not only speed and rifferama just for the sake of it.
I think those guys did alright for themselves even after Di'anno left.


Space Children

Alrighty,into the mailbag for the next couple of uploads comin' atcha today.
First up from our buddy UFOSteve an earlyish show from his fav's.
Cheers man!

Michael Schenker on Guitar – “EARLY FLIGHT”  Audience Recording from Countdown, Jugendhaus, Berlin, Germany 23/11/73

This one been around for years.
But not been on Hear Rock City before,sounds good for 1973.Maybe a bit up and down at the end but if you're a UFO fan you need to have this. 
It has Rock Bottom with different lyrics and very rare Crystal Light with long Schenker solo.
Recorded before the Phenomenon albums release
Schenker's only 18 years old on this.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Rovin' Up The Shoreline

Early FM recording from the now long gone Shoreline Tavern. As always with Heart, they throw in in couple of Zep tunes, this time a killer version of Stairway! If you thought the version they did at the Kennedy Center Honors blew you away (and made Robert Plant cry), check out this version.

The Clown's Holding Court

The Clown Prince bringing his own brand of rock to the Chicago Fest. Nice audience recording. This guy is the only person I know of who can play in his pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Bet you won't see The Eagles do that!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

You Have Reached Your Destination

Here's one that Scotty (from a land down under) gave us in the c/box.
Rocket put this up before a long time ago and here it is again.
Threw a cover together just to keep that HRC continuity thang going!
Give it a listen and let us and Scotty know what you think.
It's mostly an instumental album with plenty of guitar action!
Here's a little about Scotty.

Guitarist/Songwriter, Was raised on a Cattle farm in Northern NSW, 
Got my first guitar Aged 7, Listened to many different music Growing up 
But my life changed When I was given Kiss-Hotter Than Hell Album since then it's been Hard Rock & Heavy Metal ever since....


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Wind Blows Back

Here's one sent in via the Cbox by scooby. Since it was UFO, I had to grab it because I'd never heard of this band (yeah right!). Pretty good audience recording that features a couple of nuggets from the band's past - Makin' Moves and Ain't No Baby. Good to hear a couple of older tunes thrown in with the standard stuff (you know what they are).